Corporate Vision.


Our purpose is to inform, to educate, to engage, to entertain and thus raise the quality of human life.


Thought Leadership

We aspire to help shape thinking through insightful and credible content.


We seek to retain the trust of our audience in our content and of our business partners in our organization.

Customer centricity

Our business revolves around our audience, advertisers and business partners.


We employ, promote and reward our employees based on individual merit and performance.

We commit to provide a safe and great place to work.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

We nurture and grow talent.


We strive to foster creativity and innovation in our business ecosystem.

Standard of Conduct

We conduct our business with honesty and integrity.

Public Activities

We are not affiliated to any political party, and do not contribute to the funds of groups whose activities are calculated to promote party interests.


We aspire to be thought leaders in India on a foundation of the enduring trust of our customers and by harnessing the talent and innovation of our people.


Our Organization.

In 1922, Anandabazar Patrika first came out as a four-page evening daily that sold at two paise and had a circulation of about 1,000 copies a day. 100 years later, Anandabazar Patrika reaches out to close to four million readers, every day!

Today, the ABP Group has evolved into a media conglomerate that has eight premier publications, six 24-hour national TV news channels, leading book publishing businesses as well as many mobile and internet/digital properties, touching the lives of millions of readers and viewers, daily.

We believe the legacy you leave, is the life you lead. We see ourselves as repositories of best practices and processes. And, at times, when we don't have the very best within, we open windows to look out for expertise. Not surprisingly, ABP is associated with companies and personalities revered across the world.

In the world of journalism, we are not just a media house. We are really an alma mater.


Our History.


Anandabazar Patrika comes out as a four-page evening daily. A cartoon strip appears. Printer's line appears (June 1) - an amendment of the Press Act makes it mandatory. Becomes a six-pager.


Anandabazar Patrika becomes a morning daily. Ties up with Reuters, Associated Press and the Free Press of India. A bi-weekly Anandabazar starts for mufassil readers.


First byline appears: "Our special correspondent." Anandabazar Patrika becomes a 16-page wonder. A new Saturday section, Shanibarer Chithi, starts. It evolves into Rabibashoriyo. First 120-page special supplement on Calcutta Congress - sold out within two hours. Second edition printed on demand.


Anandabazar Patrika kicks off its first Puja special issue, Sharadiya shankhya.


Centenary celebration

9th July 2022

Speech by the Chief Editor & Publisher

Atideb Sarkar

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for sparing your time to attend ABP’s centennial. We are deeply grateful for your presence.

The occasion might lead some of us to Mahadeb’s teashop on Prafulla Sarkar Street, some to the Press Club in Delhi, and some to the halls of Parliament. In each place, we might hear the question: "Who does ABP serve?" I will attempt an answer.

ABP serves ordinary Indians, not their rulers. It does so through the heroism of its people, especially in crisis.

This is a year of significant centenaries in media and publishing. The Reader’s Digest1 and Foreign Affairs2 magazine turn one hundred. Time magazine enters its hundredth year3. It is a hundred years since the BBC’s first radio broadcast4. It is a century since Eliot’s Waste Land5 and Joyce’s Ulysses6 were published.

In 1922, German democracy was straining under hyperinflation as the American economy boomed. Mussolini seized power in Italy. As the British Empire passed its high noon, Ireland won self-rule in January7.

In March, Gandhi was arrested during his non-cooperation movement in India8.

As Calcutta celebrated the festival of colours, a Bengali evening paper was first published and, in red ink, lent support to Gandhi’s cause9. The British saw not the red of Doljatra but a warning of danger101112.

Twenty five years later, Anandabazar Patrika’s Silver Jubilee coincided with the year of India’s independence. An editorial celebrated the success of the freedom movement and the paper’s emergence as one of its leading voices13

By 1972, the challenge before the Indian press was soon to be the defence of its freedom14. The paper was among the country’s largest by circulation15. During his Golden Jubilee address, Asoke Kumar Sarkar, then Chief Editor, said the paper had grown because it had served its readers, not the powerful16.

Speech by Prof. Amartya Sen

আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকার আবির্ভাব নিয়ে কলকাতায় ‘Englishman’ কাগজে চিন্তার বড় প্রশ্ন তোলা হয়েছিল। ১৯২২এর ১৪ই মার্চ, Englishman জানান যে কলকাতায় একটি নতুন দৈনিক পত্রিকা শুরু হয়েছে। তার সমস্তটাই লাল কাগজে ছাপা। আনন্দবাজারের জন্মদিন আনন্দের দিনই ছিল। মার্চ মাসে দোল পূর্ণিমার দিনে সম্পাদক প্রফুল্ল কুমার সরকারের পরিচালনায় রক্ত বরণের কাগজে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয়ে আলোচনা হয়। বিষয়বস্তুর মধ্যে ঝগড়া ঝাঁটি ছিল না। শুধু ঘোষণা করা হয়েছিল যে, আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা বাঙ্গালীর মিলন কেন্দ্র হবে।

যদিও ‘Englishman’ এই রঙচঙে পত্রিকাকে ‘colour like a danger signal’ বলে বর্ণনা করেছিলেন। তার মধ্যেও দেশের সমস্যাগুলি নিয়ে ভাবনার প্রয়োজনীয়তা স্বীকার করা হয়েছিল। সেই চিন্তার প্রয়োজনীয়তা সত্যিই কম ছিল না। আজকে ১০০ বছর পূর্ণ হওয়ার দিনে আমাদের ভাবতে হবে নতুন কোনো চিন্তা ভাবনার প্রয়োজন আরোও গুরুত্বপূর্ণ কি না। ১৯২২এর সময়ের সঙ্গে আজকের দিনের পার্থক্য খুবই বড় রকমের। দেশ স্বাধীন হয়েছে অনেকদিন হল। স্বাধীনতার সময় আমাদের যে আশা ছিল তার অনেকটাই পূর্ণ হয়েছে এমনটা বলা যায়। কিন্তু ঘাটতির মাপও কম নয়।

১৯২২এর সময়ে অনেক ভারতীয়কেই জেলে যেতে হয়েছিল। আমার নিজের আত্মীয়দের মধ্যেও রাজনৈতিক কারণে জেল খাটতে হয়েছিল অনেককেই -- তাঁদের মধ্যে কিছু লোক আনন্দবাজারে এবং হিন্দুস্তান স্ট্যান্ডার্ড-এ কাজ করতেন। আমার জীবনের প্রথম স্মৃতির মধ্যে খুব অল্প বয়সে তাঁদের জেলে দেখতে যাওয়ার অভিজ্ঞতা বেশ বড় রকম ছিল। প্রধানত চল্লিশের দশকে। আমি তখন তাঁদের প্রশ্ন করতাম যে, আইনগত অপরাধ ছাড়াই লোককে জেলে দেওয়া কী কোনোসময় বন্ধ হবে না? তার উত্তরে শুনেছিলাম, দেশ স্বাধীন হওয়ার আগে বোধ হয় বিনা অপরাধে কারাবাস বন্ধ করা যাবে না।


Ananda Purashkar.

Awarded by the house of Anandabazar, this prestigious annual literary award felicitates the best in contemporary writing. Its beginnings can be traced to a comment made by Annada Shankar Ray in 1957, where he rued the absence of an award felicitating literature. Those present when he voiced his concerns included Asoke Kumar Sarkar and Tushar Kanti Ghosh, who were spurred into action. Four annual awards for the best in literature were immediately instituted. Anandabazar Patrika, Hindusthan Standard and Desh jointly awarded two of the awards while the other two were instituted by Amritabazar Patrika in association with Yugantar.

On April 20, 1958, seven poets and writers were felicitated, in an event marking the beginning of a new era in Bengali literature. Anandabazar Patrika and Desh jointly gave away two awards called 'Ananda Purashkar' in memory of Prafulla Kumar Sarkar and Suresh Chandra Majumdar, the founders of Anandabazar Patrika. Bibhuti Bhushan Mukhopadhyay and Samaresh Basu were the first awardees.

In 1960, Pramathanath Bishi, the author of Keri Saheber Munshi was bestowed the 'Prafulla Kumar Sarkar' award.

Celebrating the birth centenary of Rabindranath Tagore in 1962, Pulin Behari Sen was awarded the 'Saralabala Sarkar Smriti Purashkar'.

In 1972, to commemorate 50 years of Anandabazar Patrika, special awards were given to Buddhadeva Bose, Santosh Kumar Ghosh and Samaresh Basu. Celebrating the golden jubilee of Desh magazine in 1984, Sukumar Sen, Sagarmoy Ghosh and Bimal Mitra received the 'Asoke Kumar Sarkar Smriti Ananda Purashkar'.

All the above awards put together amalgamated into the 'Ananda Purashkar' in the year 2000.



Sharad Arghya.

In accordance with the brand mission of Anandabazar Patrika which emphasises on providing 'entertainment' in addition to news and views, 'within and beyond the print medium', the need for the brand to have expressions beyond the actual newspaper is the principal reason for the Anandabazar Patrika events. Playing a significant role in enabling the brand to connect with the consumers beyond the product, they have also morphed into major revenue streams.

Sharad Arghya

Anandabazar Patrika 'Sharad Arghya' is an annual event honouring excellence in artistry and craftsmanship displayed during the Durga Puja. The event is held across Calcutta and Howrah. Categories for awards include Best Puja, Best Idol and Best Pandal. Over 500 entries are received from Calcutta alone. The judging is done by a panel of celebrity experts and the winners are announced in Anandabazar Patrika on Saptami. After the puja the winning pujas are awarded in a glittering award ceremony.



Tourist Spot

It’s the most sought after travel and tourism fair in the city of Calcutta held every year around the month of July across 3 days of a weekend. It’s done to bring together tourism boards, travel agents and consumers in one platform to fix up their travel palns for the upcoming puja and winter holidays. The three day fair sees a huge footfall. Tourism boards like Incredible India and other major state tourism boards, Airlines as well as prominent national and local travel operators and agents put up their stalls and come up with exciting offers and packages to lure the travel loving Bengali consumers!



Pujor Nandini

It’s the search to find out the most beautiful face during Durga puja when the entire city and its residents are decked up to their very best! We invite entries for the best face through our papers. Photographs are clicked of interested participants across colleges and in stalls at key puja pandals during the puja days. More than 10000 girls participate in this contest! A panel of eminent judges select the best of the faces of the season. Through an audience poll and the judges evaluation the best face is selected in a glittering ceremony.



Year End Celebrations

The end of the year is the time when Calcutta comes alive to take part in one of the largest Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations in the country. The Telegraph joins hands with all the top clubs of the city to create the most unputdownable event of the year - The Telegraph Christmas Eve and New Year Eve Parties!

A huge line-up of the most talented artists, DJs and performers make an unbelievable entertaining extravaganza, to end the year on a real high! More than 35 parties take place in Calcutta in association with The Telegraph.



CESC The Telegraph True Spirit Puja

True Spirit Puja is a movement to make Calcutta Durga Puja more safe, happy and meaningful. This is an opportunity for Puja Club committees to show how responsibly they can organize their puja. True Spirit is a coveted award for Pujas in Calcutta recognizing those who care for all and show the True spirit of Durga Puja.

True Spirit Puja is a co –created project by CESC & The Telegraph and supported by many other eminent personalities.

This endeavor was started in 2003 to identify and reward the Puja clubs which show they truly care for the citizens.

The judgment is conducted on parameters like civic consciousness, safety measures & social commitments. Award money to the tune of Rs.5 Lac is rewarded to the best of the Puja clubs.



She Awards

Through this initiative The Telegraph acts as a catalyst and recognizes the efforts of women achievers while giving them a platform to inspire many others. In spirit of gender neutrality and equal opportunity for all, The Telegraph has conceived the SHE Awards to celebrate and honor the contributions made by women in diverse fields of life.

The She Awards was proud to be honored with a 3rd place ranking in the INMA Global Media Award, 2017-a testimony to the power of the initiative.



The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence

The Telegraph Education Foundation is a charitable Trust that provides financial assistance to students and schools that need a helping hand and gentle support! The Telegraph Education Foundation was formed in 1999. The Foundation is supported by The Telegraph and run by Trustees. Mr. Amitabha Datta is the present chairman of the foundation.

The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence is an effort to recognize and honor schools, teacher & students who have excelled in academics, sports & other fields. It also gives out scholarships to students, who despite difficult circumstances and obstacles in life are pursuing their quest for education and excellence. It is a salute to the indomitable human spirit that refuses to say 'I give up'.

The awards also honor Educationists and Teachers who have made an outstanding contribution to education.

It is not a contest – these awards are non-competitive in sprit and have been instituted to recognize the contribution of individuals and academic institutions.



The Telegraph Hand In Hand.

The Telegraph Hand In Hand is the biggest celebration of Durga Puja across 100 Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWAs) during the days of the festival. It involves premium residential apartments in and around Calcutta with a target group of Sec A+, A & B. There is an overall involvement of around 28000 households and nearly 1 lac residents. It is not an inter- housing contest; but an intra- housing fun led entertainment programme involving residents of the RWA.

The Hand in Hand event starts from two weeks before the Durga Puja Festival and continues till the Diwali Festival. The activities peak during the Durga Puja Festival days.




India’s leading ‘business, technology and leadership’ event from the house of ABP

INFOCOM was initiated in 2002 as a forum that would demonstrate India’s quest to be the IT superpower. Today it has turned into a forceful and dynamic event that sets the pace for business development through the use of technology, bringing potential partners together and helping the industry connect with associates and customers. INFOCOM is now one of the largest congregations of technology professionals, buyers-sellers, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers in India.

The model operates through conferences, workshops, roundtables and awards. INFOCOM has been hosted in various States of India and Bangladesh in it’s physical format.

Pre-Covid, INFOCOM Calcutta was the annual gala international three-day event bringing together 50 Sponsors, 1200 delegates, 120 Speakers and 300 CIOs from India and SAARC countries.

INFOCOM 2020 & 2021 was a three-day Virtual Conference that brought together 3000+ delegates from across the world over zoom platform and over 50,000 post event views on YouTube across all it’s session videos.

INFOCOM’s Digital presence:

  • YouTube:INFOCOM Connect
  • YouTube:INFOCOM Connect
  • YouTube:INFOCOM Connect
  • YouTube:INFOCOM Connect



Sananda Tilottama.

Sananda Tilottama the largest and best-known beauty pageant of eastern India celebrates its glory over two decades.

The best of beauty, brains and talent from all over take part in this contest. Previous years have seen preliminary rounds held in Guwahati, Jamshedpur and Calcutta. After receiving over 3000 applications from all over the country, the finalists are chosen.

This is followed by a rigorous month long grooming session. Each finalist is given a complete makeover in addition to workshops on diction, etiquette, dancing skills, make-up and hair styling during this grooming period. The best names in the fashion and beauty industry are associated with training the contestants of Sananda Tilottama.

The grand finale sees the contestants battling it out for the final crown. The girls are judges on the basis of their walk on the ramp in western casual, Indian and evening gowns in addition to the question and answer rounds with the judges. This glittering evening has seen the likes of Shobhaa De, Meher Jesia, Vandana Luthra, Rituparna Sengupta, Zulfi Syed, Rajiv Khandelwal, Nethra Raghuraman among others being given the tough task of choosing the three winners of the evening. Neeraj Sreedhar of Bombay Vikings, Alisha Chinai and Kavitha Krishnamurthy have also performed at the grand finales of Sananda Tilottama.

Sananda Tilottama 2018 had Srijit Mukherjee, Agnimitra Paul, Mimi and Soham as the celebrity judges’ panel gracing the occasion with supermodel Nayanika Chatterjee as the celebrity groomer.

To know more log on to



Desh Debate.

It is a common saying that wherever Bengalis meet, there are opinions galore. Saluting this spirit, the Desh Debate is the premier event in the city where speakers battle out their points of view. 2018 saw the Desh Debate being fought on the motion of 'Bangali akhon Hindi’r dashottow kortei swachchando' – Bengalis are comfortable being slaves of Hindi. Well-known personalities such as Ramananda Bandopadhyay, Krishna Basu, Debjit bandopadhyay, Rupam Islam, Sangita Bandopadhyay, Binayak Bandopadhyay were the participating speakers while the debate was moderated by Sudhir Chakraborty.



Anandalok Purashkar.

Anandalok Purashkar is a celebrity award ceremony felicitating talent for their best work in various fields of entertainment from Bengal and Mumbai within the year. In the recent past Anandalok Puroshkar has included categories of acknowledgement across Television and Music apart from films. The event witnessed galaxy of stars across the country and a wide spectrum of the entertainment industry. Some prominent faces recently present in the award ceremony receiving and handing over the awards include Zoya Akhtar, Rani Mukherji, Vidya Balan, Prachi Desai, Kangana Ranawat, Aparajita Ghosh Das, Hiran, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Madhabi Mukherjee, Anupam, Swastika among others.




The Telegraph won the coveted SNAP certificate in 2003 for printing excellence. Soon after, both The Telegraph and Anandabazar Patrika won the SNAP certificate in the year 2005. The mission of the Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) committee is to develop and communicate specifications to improve coldset reproduction quality. These specifications are for advertisers, agencies and publishers, customers as well as for prepress, materials, newspapers and printers to help make the coldset industry competitive in world markets.

ABP became the first non-US company to win two top awards, SNAP and IFRA, for printing excellence.

The Telegraph in Schools was awarded the prestigious World Young Reader Prize by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) in 2004.

WAN awards the World Young Reader Prize annually to any newspaper or newspapers that devise the most innovative educational projects or activity that helps develop young readership.

The Telegraph was the first Indian newspaper to be awarded membership to the prestigious IFRA - International Newspaper Colour Quality Club (INCQC) for excellence in colour printing for the year 2004-2006. ABP achieved the feat again by being awarded membership for 2006-2008 for both Anandabazar Patrika and The Telegraph.

The Telegraph won Bronze for the Best in Print in Single Width category at the Asia Media Awards in 2005. The event is the publishing industries' platform for recognising and rewarding excellence, creativity and innovation among the newspapers and magazines in Asia. Awards are presented to deserving individuals and organisations that make outstanding contribution to the publishing community.

The Telegraph bags gold for the Best Printed Newspaper Award at the Asia Media Awards, the most prestigious prize in Asia in printing quality in newspapers, in 2006. The awards are instituted by IFRA (Germany), the world's leading organisation of newspaper and media publishing.

ABP has been felicitated with the award for outstanding contribution to the IT industry in West Bengal in 2007, conferred by Webel. The award is in recognition of its efforts to bring about change in the IT scenario in the last five years through INFOCOM, its premier event. This is the first time any organisation has been honoured with this award and is also the first time the West Bengal government has officially recognised such a contribution.

The Telegraph wins Gold for being the best printed English daily, while Anandabazar Patrika wins Silver for being the best printed non-English daily at the 4th National Awards for Excellence in Printing, organised by the All India Federation of Master Printers, New Delhi and hosted by the West Bengal Master Printers' Association in 2008.


  • EMVIES 2012 – 2 Golds – for Best Media Innovation(Ambient Media) and Best Media Innovation (Events) respectively, for the Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • EFFIE 2012 – 2 Silvers – One for Integrated Advertising Campaign another for Regional Marketing for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • EMVIES 2013 – 1 Gold – for Best Integrated Campaign (Consumer Product), for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • EFFIE 2013 – 1 Silver – for Experiential Marketing & Brand Marketing for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • Awarded Agency of the year by BCC&I & Ad Club, Kolkata in 2014 for our regional campaigns
  • MEDIA ABBY 2018 - Gold for Dettol and Silver for Patanjali (Cat: Best use of Native or Branded Content for client brand)
  • MEDIA ABBY 2019 - Gold for Sugarfree and Bronze for Cadbury Mishti (Cat: Best client-brand activation)
  • INMA Global Media Awards - Honourable mention for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti
  • Cadbury Mishti has also won trophies for Madison Media in past years at Effies and Emvies
  • MEDIA ABBY 2022 - Bronze for Reliance Trends Saj Parbon; Merits for Cadbury Gaane Mishti and Coke-e Food-e Pujor Mood-e.
  • MEDIA ABBY 2023 - Publisher of the year award
  • INMA Global Media Awards 2023 - Best multichannel client advertisement campaign - Cadbury Gaane Mishti - Jugalbandi.

The Telegraph AWARDS:

  • EMVES 2012 – 2 Golds – for or Best Media Innovation/arlinet Medial air dies Media Innovation (Events) respectively, for the Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • EFFIE 2012 – 2 Silvers – One for Integrated Advertising Campaign another for Regional Marketing for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • EMVIES 2013 – 1 Gold – for Best Integrated Campaign (Consumer Product), for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • EFFIE 2013 – 1 Silver – for Experiential Marketing & Brand Marketing for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Integrated Campaign
  • Awarded agency of the year by BCC&I & Ad Club, Kolkata in 2014 for our regional campaigns
  • MEDIA ABBY 2018 - Gold for Dettol and Silver for Patanjali (Cat: Best use of Native or Branded Content for client brand)
  • MEDIA ABBY 2019 - Gold for Sugarfree and Bronze for Cadbury Mishti (Cat: Best client-brand activation)
  • INMA Global Media Awards - (2nd position) - Honourable mention for Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti Cadbury Mishti has also won trophies for Madison Media in past years at Effies and Emvies
  • MEDIA ABBY 2022 - Bronze for Reliance Trends
  • INMA GLOBAL MEDIA AWARDS 2022 - (Second position) in Best Multi Channel Client Advertising Campaign.


  • Both Anandabazar & Telegraph got the "International Colour Quality Club Membership" for its printing quality for 2010-12, 2012-14, 2014-16, 2016-18, 2020-22 & the latest for 2022-24.
  • ABP is the 1st printing house from India who has won the "Star Club Membership" in 2014. WAN-IFRA Star Club
  • Ananda Bazar Patrika has been awarded as the Highly commended "International Newspaper of the Year" by Newspaperawards UK.
  • ABP & TT consistently won the AsianMedia Awards till 2022. In 2017 both ABP & TT won the Gold in above 150k circulation category


Board of Directors

Aveek Sarkar

Vice Chairman and Editor Emeritus

Mr. Aveek Sarkar,the Vice Chairman of the ABP Group of Publications and Editor Emeritus,is one of the most prominent personalities in the Indian publishing scene.

It could be said with all justification that editorial work is in his genes. Both his father and his grandfather were distinguished editors. Aveek Sarkar started training as a journalist while he was a student, just out of school. Once he had finished his graduation from the University of Calcutta he went to Britain for further training. In Britain, he was tutored by the legendary Harold Evans, then the editor of The Sunday Times.

Back in India, as the Chief Editor of the ABP Group, he was the moving force behind the transformation of the ABP Group of Publications from a regional house into a prominent national group. He led the group's entry into television by acquiring Star News, which he refashioned into ABP News with separate channels in Bengali, ABP Ananda, and in Marathi, ABP Majha. His most recent achievement in the realm publishing is a joint venture with Fortune magazine. Under his stewardship, Fortune India has become the latest addition to the ABP bouquet of publications.

Aveek Sarkar is a man of rich and varied interests. He has one of the finest collections of paintings by contemporary Indian artists as well as a unique set of paintings dating to the period of the Dutch East India Company. Books, food, wine and art are his four principal loves. He is a keen golfer and was the captain of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club. His commitment is to excellence and the upholding and furthering of the tradition he has inherited.

Arup Kumar Sarkar


Mr. Arup Kumar Sarkar is the Director of the Group.

Atideb Sarkar

Chief Editor and Publisher

Mr. Atideb Sarkar is the Chief Editor and Publisher.

Dipankar Das Purkayastha


Mr. D. D. Purkayastha is the Director of ABP.

He is a Cost and Management Accountant. Previously, as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, he headed Finance, IT, Supply Chain and Secretarial & Legal functions of the company. Mr. Purkayastha has spent 41 years in the Media Industry.

He is on the Board of ABP Network Pvt Ltd., the television arm of ABP Group. Under Mr. Purkayastha's leadership ABP has grown to be the largest reached News Media of the country. He has also led ABP to be the most diversified Media Company of the country. ABP's TV News Bouquet has the highest viewership among all Indian News Channels. Globally, he is on the Board of WAN-IFRA and INMA, the two largest Association of Newspaper companies worldwide. He is the Deputy President of Indian Newspaper Society ( INS).

Executive Committee

Dhruba Mukherjee

Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Dhruba Mukherjee joined ABP in 1997 and currently is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. He joined as a management trainee and during his career in ABP spanning over two decades he has handled responsibilities in brand management, audience development, advertisement sales and production functions before taking over as CEO.

Pradipta Biswas

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Pradipta Biswas began his career as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in 1996.

Suman Banerjee

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mr. Suman Banerjee, a post graduate in Economics from Calcutta University, joined ABP Pvt. Ltd as a Marketing Trainee in the brand management department of The Telegraph in 1996. He played an instrumental role in launching many sub-brands and in developing a plethora of brand activation programmes for The Telegraph. In 2001, he was given the responsibility of heading the newly formed events division of the organisation.

R. Rajagopal

Editor, The Telegraph

Mr R. Rajagopal is the Editor of The Telegraph.



Somnath Guha

Vice President, Production & Engineering

Mr. Somnath Guha started his career with this organization in 1985 as a Graduate engineer trainee. During the last 37 years he has worked in different functions like Engineering, Production. He has also handled several projects and was a key member in the Barasat project team. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of North Bengal with specialization in Materials management from ASCI( Hyderabad). He is also a member of World Printer’s Forum( South Asian Chapter)

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of North Bengal with specialization in Materials management from ASCI( Hyderabad). I am a member of World Printer’s Forum( South Asian Chapter)

Oommen Thomas

National Head, Advertisement Sales

Mr. Oommen Thomas has taken over the role of National Head, Advertisement Sales. He is based out of Mumbai and brings with him 34 years of rich experience working across various verticals of Newspaper , Magazine, Digital, Radio & Events space.

Starting his career with the Times of India Group in 1988 at New Delhi, he went on to work with various media houses like The Malayala Manorama, Deccan Herald, The Sandesh, Pioneer & Sunday observer. Apart from Sales function, Oommen has also headed the Ad Operations (AMS) & the MIS function while at Pioneer and Sunday Observer. He has been working with the ABP group for the last 12 years. Starting as the National Head for Businessworld handling the Magazine, Books & Events business. Subsequently took over as Regional Head for Northern India for the Dailies, Events & Radio business. Three years back he moved in to Mumbai to head the Western Region.



Anandabazar Patrika first appeared on March 13, 1922 — the day of Holi, as an evening daily, printed in red ink. It was a four-pager, priced at two paise and had a first-day circulation of a thousand copies. The newspaper's red ink led to the contemporary English daily, The Englishman terming it a 'danger signal'. With its unshakeable patriotic stance, it soon became very popular.

Unbiased views, constructive criticism, indomitable courage and an uncompromising attitude were just a few aspects, which went on to make Anandabazar Patrika the 'voice of Bengal'. Its popularity reached new heights when, in 1954, the Press Commission report declared Anandabazar Patrika to be the largest circulated newspaper in the country, published from one location.

The No.1 Bengali daily is published from various locations today. Spawning a veritable legion of journalists, Anandabazar Patrika boasts of dedicated readers, worldwide. It is the only Bengali daily to cross 1.2 million in circulation.

Over the years, Anandabazar Patrika has achieved many milestones along the way — it was the first in the east and one of the first in the country to use offset printing. Anandabazar Patrika's landmark coverage on, among others, Rabindranath Tagore's death, Netaji's miraculous escape from detention, Mahatma Gandhi's death and the Nandaghunti expedition (a project patronised by the ABP Group itself) is legendary.


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In the year 1982, news was reimagined- The Telegraph was born. Instant success and rave reviews made The Telegraph Unputdownable in the eyes of the readers. Today, The Telegraph has come a long way and is now the leading English Newspaper in the East and in Calcutta. The Telegraph also commands a very strong Brand Equity, making it the Unputdownable English Daily that it is.

Apart from comprehensive news coverage that it provides, The Telegraph has something for everyone every day of the week. Be it The Telegraph Metro (a city connect on Calcutta’s top stories) or t2 (a tabloid encompassing fashion, entertainment and lifestyle), or sections like Wellness (dedicated to health and fitness.), YOU (a power packed supplement for students), Glamour (a specially curated section for women), Knowhow (an update on the newest stories on science, technology, gadgets and gaming), Portfolio (an insightful investor advice and more in-depth information on personal finance) and The Woods (an entertainment section fresh with stories and gossip from Hollywood and Bollywood)-there is always a healthy balance of entertainment and useful information to keep our readers engaged non-stop. The Telegraph extends its reach to various happening events in the city-from School Awards to Food Festivals, Christmas Parties to Puja Celebrations, Debates and Talk shows and many more across various verticals.


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Decades of matchmaking expertise, exemplified by 'Patrapatri' (matrimonial classifieds) got reinvented online in the form of As society evolved, the decision making pertaining to marriage became collaborative. The joy of customised search, shortlisting and sharing with all relevant members of the family and extended family became convenient with the click of a button. But, the apprehension of fake profiles and false claims remained. attempts to remove this concern of yours as the ethos of this matrimonial site/app from ABP Group stands for TRUST! makes submission of a photo ID mandatory for any user who would like to connect with other users registered on the site. The documents submitted are moderated manually to match the information provided. Hence the profiles here are trustworthy, unlike other matrimonial sites. One can be certain that one is communicating with a genuine person and not a fictitious profile! ABPWeddings has also attempted to create a credible profile base by introducing the concept of Trust Score. A user gets the Trust Score by successful submission of documents such as photo ID, address proof, educational qualification certificates, employment/income proof, divorce documents (if any) and other relevant documents.

Registration, here, is absolutely free. One has to pay only when one is required to contact others. Registration can be done online as well as offline. The offline channels being a dedicated call centre, exclusive stores and authorised classifieds agents of ABP.

We uphold your trust in the highest esteem and our entire effort revolves around valuing that! After all, we believe in "Real people. Real Relationships".


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Desh magazine has been the epitome of Bengali language and literature in India, commendably contributing to the cultural ethos of the Bengalis over the years.

Born on November 24, 1933 Desh is the second publication from the house of ABP. A fortnightly, the magazine encompasses trends in literature, arts, science, current affairs and philosophy. Renowned literary figures, both past and present, associated with Desh include Rabindranath Tagore, Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay, Tara Shankar Bandopadhyay, Manik Bandopadhyay, Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay, Jibanananda Das, Bishnu De, Subrata Gupta, Tarapada Ray, Sanjeeb Chattopadhyay, Himanish Goswami, Shibram Chakraborty, Samaresh Basu, Samaresh Majumdar, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Joy Goswami and Amartya Sen.

An all-colour magazine since 2003, Desh presents an array of content from Montobyo, Prochchod kahini, Probondho, Golpo, Dharabahik Upanyash, Kabita, Dharabahik Rochona, Granthalok and Letters to the Editor. Desh also brings forth special issues – Golpo shonkhya, a special collection of short stories and Boi Shonkhya, released every year around the Calcutta Book Fair. Desh turned 85 in 2018.


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From its inception on July 31, 1986, Sananda has always celebrated womanhood. It represents the modern Indian woman who balances her work and home perfectly. Sananda helps her in bringing out the best in herself and guides her towards complete empowerment.

A fortnightly magazine, Sananda has sections on fashion, beauty, interiors, health, recipes, relationships, travel, etiquette - essentially a galore of topical content to make the magazine more contemporary and relevant. Sections such as Soundorjo, well-being, workout, Porichorja, make-up, fashion etc. are areas on beauty personified whereas sections such as workout, Shomporko, Kenakata, parenting, sexual, diet, pet care, social work, food value, gynaecology, app, gadget, home front etc provide a wide variety of utilitarian information. Onyo peshaye is a reflection on offbeat career prospect. Asadharon is about extraordinary achievements by ordinary women, while Celebrity’r shongshar is up close and personal with celebrities.

Sananda offers two special issues — Naboborsho in Bengali New Year and Bodhon prior to the Durga Puja, with a collection of stories and features.


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Anandamela is the most widely read Bengali children's magazine. With an enduring appeal across genders and age groups, it continues to celebrate the glory of companionship with its readers during their growing-up years. From science to sports, fiction to comics, adventure to astronomy, the magazine caters to the needs of a child's psyche.

Though the magazine was launched in April 1975, its roots can be traced back to 'Anandamela' the children's section in Anandabazar Patrika, as early as 1940. Its sheer popularity kicked off the launch of Anandamela — the magazine. The noted film-maker Satyajit Ray, also a celebrated graphic designer of his time, designed its masthead.

Celebrated contributors include Satyajit Ray, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay among others. A range of characters such as Ray's Professor Shonku and Premendra Mitra's Ghanada shot to fame from the pages of Anandamela. Other characters include Sunil Gangopadhyay's Kakababu, Samaresh Basu's Gogol, Samaresh Majumdar's Arjun, Bimal Kar's Kikira and Moti Nandi's Kalabati.


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Launched on January 25, 1975, Anandalok is the most popular celebrity circuit compendium in eastern India. It treats celebrities as social equals and offers its readers an exclusive glimpse into the lives of their favourite celebrities.

A partner to the entertainment industry's evolution down the years, the fortnightly Anandalok has been an integral part of many careers related to film and entertainment. From an out-and-out movie journal, the magazine has transformed itself into one that provides a peep into the lives of celebrities from all walks of life — movies, television, music, sports and even politics.

Total Readership: 8,83,000 (Indian Readership Survey 2017)


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The Telegraph in Schools (TTIS) is India's largest standalone newspaper by and for school students. The newspaper is a movement built around a weekly 16-page newspaper that is written by students and is for students. At its heart lies a 200-strong force of Tiger reporters who, with the training and guidance from the editorial team, decide the content of the newspaper.

TTIS gives students the platform to participate in producing the publication by giving a first-hand training to the students to conduct an interview, reporting, reviewing, writing and editing. TTIS teaches the young to have a voice through the sections like letters to the editor, 'open forum', 'big question' and more.

TTIS is spun around the tagline 'A head start for growing minds', thus instilling in each student the will to be a confident individual as they grow to be the future citizens of the country. TTIS continuously works upon involving the student fraternity, making them confident and enterprising individuals by constant motivation.

Events, workshops and activities are an important part of TTIS as students come together and participate, encouraging the feeling of sharing and caring irrespective of their backgrounds. A variety of events come under the platforms of TTIS Sports, TTIS Brains, TTIS Fun, TTIS Care, TTIS Celebrations. Apart from events and activities, TTIS has made its presence strongly felt through radio, SMS, websites, books and school contact programmes.




A quarterly publication, Boier Desh was launched in January 2005. Comprehensive book reviews, previews of forthcoming books, interviews of famous personalities related to books and publishing, national and international book-lists constitute this delightful compendium.

The immense popularity of Granthalok, the book reviews section of Desh led to the need for a magazine, which would revolve around books exclusively, and Boier Desh was born as a result. Boier Desh aims to inculcate the habit of reading among the present generation, instilling in them a drive to read books in an age when they are volleyed with new forms of entertainment, every day.

Boier Desh boasts of an enviable body of writers, some of whom include Ramapada Chowdhury, Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Taslima Nasreen and Paritosh Sen.


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ABP's foray into electronic media began with ABP News — the leading 24-hour national news and current affairs television channel in Hindi. ABP News was made an official member of the ABP family on September 19, 2003. Broadcasted by ABP Network (AN) — a joint venture between the ABP Group and ABP, it has swiftly come into its own as a leader in the Indian news business — setting the agenda for others to follow.

Positioned as the people's channel, ABP News focuses on relevant news in a cutting-edge format. Since its inception, the 24-hour Hindi news channel has grown to command a significant viewership and is the first and only global Indian news channel. With an accent on reporting news that impacts its viewers, ABP News aims to fulfill its mission of 'Aapko Rakhe Aagey' and represent the realities and aspirations of the people. As a guiding philosophy, ABP News believes in reporting news that is relevant and makes a difference to its viewers' lives.

Novel programming and 'Breaking News' are hallmarks of the channel. Apart from reporting news in India, its links with international news agencies enable the channel to deliver international news as it happens. With top programmes such as ABP Savera, Satyameva Jayate, City 60, National Reporter, Wah! Cricket, Sansani and Pol Khol, ABP News ensures its viewers are fully informed and engaged.


ABP Ananda was launched as India's first 24-hour national Bengali news channel. Featuring news from Bengal as well as national news from India in fast-paced bulletins, ABP Ananda gathers its national news from the ABP network and ABP News, and its international news from Fox and Sky. That apart, the channel also sources news from its extensive news bureau network.

Revolutionising news and news-watching in Bengali, ABP Ananda has been at the top of the charts since its launch on June 1, 2005.

Channel Highlights
ABP Anandais India's first 24-hour national Bengali news channel.

ABP Ananda is powered by state-of-the-art production facilities and an extensive news bureau network across India, delivering incisive coverage of local, national and global news.

Since its launch, ABP Ananda has consistently ranked as the No.1 24-hour national Bengali news channel.


Launched in June 2007, ABP Majha (My ABP) is the undisputed leader in the Marathi news genre and has been consistently ranked as India 's No.1 24-hour national Marathi news channel. Broadcast by ABP Network (AN) — a joint venture between the ABP TV and ABP News Broadcasting Ltd, ABP Majha is headquartered in Mumbai, with innovative and modern production facilities and a first of its kind set, housed in a state-of-the-art newsroom.

The channel has set up an extensive bureau network across the state with added support from the national and international resources and expertise of the ABP network, Fox and Sky networks. ABP Majha has an experienced, highly-trained and promising team guided by industry stalwarts, from around the state, to gather and report news, track current affairs and deliver informative programmes.

In a unique format of 20-minute segments in a news wheel, ABP Majha features diverse and versatile programmes spanning politics, sports, entertainment, health, astrology, education, agriculture and religion, among others. With its positioning as a people's channel, ABP Majha aims to live up to its motto of 'Broaden your horizons. Delve deeper', echoing the voice of every proud Maharashtrian and reflecting their aspirations in a rapidly changing environment.


Instituted in 1957, with the intent of providing readers with the best of creative literature and studies in Bengali, Ananda Publishers has come a long way to where it stands today — one of the largest publishers in the Bengali publishing industry.

A name that enjoys the confidence of authors, readers and the trade, Bengali readers recognise Ananda Publishers as a publishing house that caters to every variety of interest and taste — fiction or non-fiction, for adults or for children. With many years of experience, research-oriented publishing objectives and adoption of the latest in printing technology, Ananda Publishers deservedly enjoys the reputation that hundreds of acclaimed titles have brought to it — the market leader.


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Ananda Publishers Pvt Ltd
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ABP Network Pvt. Ltd. (AN)
ABP News Office
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Printing Facilities

Ananda offset Pvt. Ltd.
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ABP Pvt Ltd
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Vista Print Pvt Ltd
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Human resources are the radar screen of the organisation. Being a strategic partner, the HR function in ABP is aligned to corporate strategy to deliver proactive HR solutions for emerging challenges. The ABP Corporate Vision is a clear reflection of the importance "people" have in our scheme of things. Our continuing success depends on the people who work with us. Our primary concern is to motivate them towards realising their potential. We provide them with a stimulating and congenial environment for the fulfilment of their professional and creative goals.

Picture yourself 30 days from now. Would you just be 30 days older or would you have moved 30 paces closer to your dream? We at ABP, want to create an environment where people work and grow together to deliver long-term value to our stakeholders. We actively invest in people's personal and professional growth and in developing their skills and competencies. We recognise the critical linkages between performance and strategy, organisation culture, competencies, development and rewards.

We believe in developing internal resources to drive new projects and lead new businesses. Sometimes, our ambitious growth plans require us to recruit professionals with relevant experience and a proven track record in their respective fields. Apart from this, we also recruit management graduates from some of the best business schools across the country. An ABP employee is a self-ABPter with strong analytical skills, entrepreneurial verve and an insatiable appetite for turning challenges into opportunities. Most importantly, an ABP employee works with the conviction that ABP can!

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Usage of information/ content from this website for legal purposes is strictly prohibited. For all purposes, contents of this website cannot be quoted in legal matters.

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For the following websites, the Grievance redressal officer is Mr Pradipta Biswas. He can be reached at

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